Compressed Natural Gas fueling station open for business

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How would you like to save over $1.30 per gallon to fuel you automobile? Compressed Natural Gas (or CNG) may be your answer.

The City of Milton is one of the few cities in the south to have a public access Compressed Natural Gas station. The city started using CNG in the early 1980’s and at one time had about 30% of its fleet operating on CNG. In the late 1990’s the city received a federal grant to construct the public access station located near City Hall on Munson Hwy. Prior to the construction, the city had two smaller non-public fill stations located at their warehouses.

After the new station was constructed and during most of the 2000’s, CNG vehicles popularity waned as part of tougher EPA regulations. However in the late 2000’s and with the push to use more U.S. produced petroleum and ethanol based fuel products coupled with some relaxed regulations, CNG is making a strong comeback. The City of Pensacola has just completed their first of three CNG Stations and plan to have the other two in service within the next 18 to 24 months. The City of Gulf Breeze is also set to start their first station.

With the resurgence of CNG vehicles, the costs of conversion kits are becoming more economical. Three years ago it was hard to find a conversion kit less than $5000. Today it is easy to find them for less than $1000. The storage tank will add another $1000 to $1500 depending on type and capacity. CNG is sold and stored based on its gasoline gallon equivalent or GGE. GGE is the amount of CNG it takes to equal the energy content of one liquid gallon of gasoline. Today the City of Milton is selling CNG for $1.97/GGE. This is more than $1.30 less than the current gasoline prices. With our recent station improvements, we can now accept Visa or Master Card, 24/7, for your purchase.

You can go to the following web site to see how much savings could occur if you were to convert you automobile to CNG: gonaturalcng/cng-conversion-kits/gas-savings-calulator

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