Stickers at NAS Whiting Field to end

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Long a standard sign of permission to enter military bases, vehicle stickers for the windshields of cars are soon to become a thing of the past for Naval Air Station Whiting Field.

Commander Navy Installations Command recently promulgated a navy-wide instruction to negate the need for base decals.  However, this order does not eliminate the need to register personal vehicles with base security.

“All new ‘check-ins’ will register any and all vehicles to be driven on board with Pass & ID.  Pass & ID will complete system entries for owner and vehicles” Paul Long, deputy security officer for NAS Whiting Field, said.

Once the decal requirement is lifted on July 1, Long assures that business will continue as usual.  Credentials will still be verified via CAC card, and if anything, this new process should speed up entry though the gate.

“We’re vetting the person, not the vehicle.  Those base decals aren’t cheap; we’re saving the base thousands of dollars [by eliminating them]” Long stated.

Long shared that both NAS Pensacola and the Air Force have already successfully implemented these changes and no increase in incidents have been reported.  Gate guards and base police will remain at a heightened state of alertness to suspicious vehicles and unauthorized personnel.

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