New rules for signs

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A new ordinance encourages lower signs in Milton in an effort to reduce unsightly intrusions.

An ordinance recently passed by the Milton City Council allows “memorial” or “ground” signs to be larger than pole signs, which often tower into the air. The memorial signs often are considered more attractive, too.

Existing signs are not affected by the ordinance; it covers only future signs.

Under the new procedure, memorial or ground signs must be constructed of brick, stone, stucco, wood or metal consistent with the architecture and exterior of the building on the property where it is placed.

If there is more than one tenant, the ground or memorial sign can be up to 150 square feet. A pole sign, however, can cover no more than 80 square feet.

If only one tenant is using the property, the memorial sign can be up to 100 square feet while a pole sign can cover no more than 50 square feet.

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