McMonigle Named CNATRA Reserve Flight Instructor of the Year

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A Naval Air Station Whiting Field Reserve Instructor Pilot was recently recognized with a prestigious flight instructor award presented by the Chief of Naval Air Training. The CNATRA Reserve Flight Instructor of the Year award is sponsored by L-3, Vertex Logistics Solutions and it recognizes the top selected reservist flight instructor in the Naval Air Training Command (NATRACOM) .

Lt. Cmdr. Patrick “Verbal” McMonigle was named the CNATRA Reserve Instructor of the Year for the 2013 calendar year. McMonigle deployed Oct. 8, 2013 and will be presented the award in a ceremony February 2015.

McMonigle executed 183.9 mishap-free flight hours and completed 123 student and instructor training sorties in 2013. Recognized for flying 60 hours more than the average Training Squadron SIX (VT-6) drilling reservist and exceptionally more than the average Training Air Wing FIVE (TRAWING-5) T-6B Texan II aircraft drilling reservist; McMonigle also volunteered for additional duties, working with the TRAWING-5 Aeromedical Safety Officer (AMSO) to refine the egress procedures for the T-6B.

Cmdr. Travis Hayes, USN, Commanding Officer, Navy Reserve Training Squadron SIX, describes McMonigle as “an outstanding Naval Officer that leads from the front,” in the award submission package. “[McMonigle’s] dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to the development of Student Naval Aviators is what truly sets him apart.”

Hayes further praised McMonigle as being highly regarded by the students he instructed. Students repeatedly highlighted McMonigle as a superb instructor explaining that his exuberance and love of both flying and teaching make him a remarkable instructor.

“His vast experience and professionalism have made him a role model and mentor to the junior officers and SNAs,” emphasized Hayes.

McMonigle earned distinction as the Training Squadron SIX Reserve Component Instructor of the Quarter for the second and third quarters of the 2012 calendar year and holds qualifications in all phases of flight in the T-6B. He is well known throughout TRAWING-5 for his instructional ability and knowledge in the aircraft.

Of the 183.9 total flight hours McMonigle completed in 2013, 178 of them were instructional flight hours. Furthermore McMonigle was able to complete all these accomplishments in a span of seven months as he was deployed near the end of last year.

McMonigle attributes his overall success to a strong command and peer support within VT-6 and TRAWING-5.

“When I wanted to tackle something that I needed help with I was always able to find it very quickly. The reserve component has a rich and diverse cache of knowledge to draw from. Open channels of communication in the squadron and the wing make it easy to take on issues that I have observed,” explained McMonigle.

McMonigle further expressed the importance of this award and the continued motivation to instruct students.

“I have been instructing at Whiting Field since Oct. 2008, working harder every year and gaining essential experience. It feels amazing to be recognized for all of the hard work, knowing I do my best to go above and beyond what is required of an Instructor Pilot. This award will drive me to continue exceeding my own perceived limits and push my students and peers to excel as well.”

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