Speed limit on Berryhill Road to be strictly enforced

Published on June 01, 2017 with 24 Comments

The residential area of Berryhill Road between Dogwood and Stewart Street in Milton is a concern for Milton Police Chief Tony Tindell. He said the city is using proactive measures to contain the speed of drivers using the road as a bypass instead of utilizing Highway 90.

Milton Police Chief Tony Tindell

“This part of Berryhill Road was never designed to be a cut-through,” said Tindell. “We’ve more cars on the roadway today than when it was designed.”

Tindell said drivers should be aware of the 25 mph speed limit and it will be strictly enforced. “The city has a lighted speed sign to register driver’s speed heading east.”

The chief of police also said residents along the road have spoken at great lengths with his department. “We are taking measures to address the issue further,” he said.

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  1. Berryhill road has been my home for 19 years and over the past 10
    Years or so it has gotten so bad. I used to call the previous chief of police weekly. Semi trucks are now using it as a pass through as well as large to trucks. They need to go around and be safe.

    • What part of Berryhill? I know that between Willing St and Dogwood Dr is an exclusionary zone from Semi’s. West of Dogwood is not a no-truck zone. Just curious…

  2. WE have to grown that means heavy traffic roads can not be that slow. Just like Avalon Blvd millions spent to expand to 4 lanes and now you set the speed at 45. that is just not practical in today’s busy life. 25 is to slow for berryhill in any stretch of it. It really needs to be 4 laned and made into the major through fair to take some slack off of hwy 90 . We need more cut throughs from 90 to berry hill also

    • I agree that the speed limits on most of these roads are too low. Avalon Blvd should be 55 all of the way down, along with 87 South; North Stewart St north of King Middle; Dogwood Drive north of Magnolia; Berryhill west of Anderson Ln to Chumuckla. Another problem is drivers going well below the speed limit. Hwy 90 east of Ward Basin actually goes up to 55 but some folks are driving 40 mph..m

    • @ William Livingston; the part of Berryhill that is being referenced in this article is between downtown and Glover..yes there are many roads that need to be widened to 4 lanes but this area is NOT one of them.

    • Definitely agree

    • Agreed that 25 mph is not needed. It could easy be 35 mph. There are not small children running around and into the streets riding bikes or families and their children and pets walking. There are not that many people that even live directly on this stretch. I think, WOW, the speed limit is 25mph (should be 20 max) in my 100+ homes neighborhood, and traffic cuts thru to get to an adjacent new subdivision and back to Berryhill Rd (west) going 35/45mph, and the county could care less. When I expressed concerns to the appropriate department, I was told by a county employee that the residents could hire deputies to sit and give out tickets. And that when they were gone, naturally speeding would resume. I don’t have small children(thank goodness) or my complaints/concerns would be very well known. I hate it for the families here that can’t even teach their kids how to ride a bike, ride a tricycle, or any other apparatus for play.
      This to me, and I’m sure many others in the county that have lived in Milton/Pace area, believe this is a waste of resources.

  3. Of course 25MPH is to slow for that rd!! Put up a No through truck sign and raise the limit to 30 or better yet 35. I believe that some are traveling 45-50 as it is. It is hard to balance a motorcycle at 25MPH.

    • Sell your ride. Never had a problem going 25.

  4. Please consider patrolling Newton too. Its almost like a drag strip! It’s a cut through between Hamilton Bridge and Berryhill close to the lighted speed sign mentioned in the article.

  5. Berry Hill road needs to be brought up to date. The county population is skyrocketing, and has been for the better part of 30 years. Perhaps instead of jails, prisons, and courthouses. Our tax pauer dollars should be spent on a better infrastructure, widening of existing roadways, and providing more cut through roads to get to Berryhill Rd. Instead of buying traffic cameras, (which by the way are about to be outlawed by the house and Senate of Florida), we should do our part in making our community more inviting to people. People should not have to ride around our town in fear. And everyone is scared of the law around here. My fiance was detained for 2 hours a couple of weeks ago, her car destroyed by officers, all for nothing. She left the house at 11 pm to go to the store, she didnt get home until after 1 am. I was worried sick about her. This was a waste of our tax payer dollars, 6 county officers for one very small woman???? With no criminal record. These taxpayer dollars could be appropriated better, I think. Just a concerned citizen wanting answers for obvious problems.

  6. 4 lane this stretch? Not unless you want your house like 3 feet from the road. No, bump up the speed limit to 30 and restrict late trucks from using it. It is not really a “cut through” , it is an extension of Berryhill Road that is east of Dogwood. The traffic has increased everywhere, more enforcement is what is needed.

    • A few speed bumps might slow drivers while reminding them to pay attention.

  7. 4 lane this stretch? Not unless you want your house like 3 feet from the road. No, bump up the speed limit to 30 and restrict large trucks from using it. It is not really a “cut through” , it is an extension of Berryhill Road that is east of Dogwood. The traffic has increased everywhere, more enforcement is what is needed.

  8. How about between willing and Stewart street. You want to give out tickets then pick a spot. It’s like a raceway down here.

  9. I live on Berry Hill we have several nurseing homes assisted liveing on Berry Hill and traffic has no regards for speed and noise, I have notice,

  10. By residential growth moving further to North Santa Rosa County will eliminate some of the congested traffic! Close enough ,but home life in a secluded peaceful atmosphere!!
    NAS Whiting Field North

  11. It’s very noticeable that the speed limit along Berryhill Road altogether is not obeyed nearly enough. I see more people speeding on Berryhill Road but I never see anybody pulled over. I constantly have other drivers including police ride my bumper when I’m doing 25 through that section of Berryhill.

  12. We need to look at windham road and the cut throughs to berryhill. My kids can’t play out front due to people speeding and off road through there.

  13. I live in in between the Berryhill cemetaries. There are so many cars coming from Berryhill and Caroline going into Oakcrest as a pass thru shortcut and speed in the neighborgood and grant it traffic sucks here. But in our neighborhood residents speed here and run the stop sign. Coming off of Hamilton Bridge Rd turning into Victoria St same thing in they use Oakcrest as a pass thru to get to Caroline St. By pass all the traffic. It gets annoying and I really want the Milton PD to be out there especially 4th of Jul for Speeders. Thats when its most heaviest cars passing thru.

  14. The police have been patrolling as much as possible but as soon as they leave the speeds go back up. This is a residential area with children, pedestrians and bicycle riders and no sidewalks! Raising the speed limit will only make drivers feel entitled to go even faster! Let’s support our police in their efforts to make our city safer.

  15. My family just moved in on this road and our 9 year old daughter loves to ride her bike, and our dogs love to go on walks. We knew we were buying a house on a busy street, but did not realize it was THIS busy (we moved from Pensacola). My daughter is not allowed in the front yard unless she has our Rottweiler or a parent with her. When we do ride bikes or go for walks, we have to do so on Newton Street because of the narrow road, speeding cars, and lack of a sidewalk on Berryhill.

    The radar speed limit sign only picks up cars coming onto Berryhill from Dogwood Dr, but not from Berryhill to Dogwood. The cars headed to Dogwood from Berryhill always speed up right in front of our house to try to “beat the light”. Yesterday there was a car accident at this red light, and I can almost guarantee it was either from a speeding car or the fact that the red light on this side of Berryhill Rd does not have a turn signal light like the other side of Berryhill Rd does.

    I understand that drivers feel the speed limit is too slow on this road, as sometimes I have to remember this is a neighborhood and slow down myself when driving towards Stewart Rd. However, I do not believe the speed limit should increase on this road until there is a sidewalk for pedestrians. Foot traffic down this road is moderate, but I believe it would be higher if pedestrians weren’t forced to take a safer route. I hope the city of Milton will at least consider a sidewalk in this area.

    All in all, thank you to those that abide by the speed limit in our neighborhood (not racetrack), and thank you to the drivers that let my family cross the road safely in front of your vehicle to enjoy our family walks/bike rides.

    • Thank you Amanda! My family and I live on Barnes St close to Newton. I completely agree drivers need to slow down for the safety of all our residents who live on that stretch! I love the idea of sidewalks too! If their loved ones lived there those speeding wouldn’t be so quick to raise the speed limit! Newton is a raceway too!

  16. Berryhill is a major roadway. It’s the way to Cantonment, 5 points, the hospital, and much more. It will always have a lot of traffic. Lowering the speed limit will not change that. I understand the residents don’t want to be on a busy road, but that can’t be changed. Unless you blockade it at Dogwood, traffic will continue to increase.

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