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Located at 6821 Caroline St, Milton, inside the Old Post Office is Brew Angels Café, an old world pub and soon to be brewery. Owner Sean McCool said he is finally seeing his dream come true. “I want this to be a hang out for Milton. I want to see the pub full of people who want to come and have a pint, hang out and talk with friends,” he said. Formerly working in civil service in computer security, McCool said he decided to try a different approach and invest in what he loves, craft beer.

“We’ve made beer for years,” he said in reference to his father Greg and himself. Though the brewery will be coming along soon, Sean said he currently has 11 local and regional craft beers on tap and will have 24 within a matter of weeks. Sean said he hopes to have the brewery within the next year.

“I feel that Milton needs a place for people to unwind and hang out, and not having to drive to Pensacola.” Sean McCool, owner of Brew Angels Café.

Sean’s choice of craft beer is about flavor, he said. Though it’s a smaller niche market, it’s about quality over quantity. “Large breweries want to make beer for the masses.”

Brew Angels Café Owner Sean McCool

Craft beers have specific qualities affected by ingredients, the region it’s produced and how long it was fermented, like wine, he said.

As for the café, the menu has delicious entrees: spicy tacos, fish and chips, cheese burgers; appetizers include fried banana peppers, fried pork rinds, macaroni and beer cheese, loaded French fries and sweet potato fries. There’s a full kid’s menu as well. The exciting option is the feature meal of the day, which includes the essence of the old world pub.

Greg McCool, Sean’s father is temporarily working as the cook of the pub. He said each patron who walks through the door of the café is considered a friend, “and eventually family. We want everyone to feel at home.”

Greg McCool, father and cook

The McCools feel the need to support their home town. “Sean was born and raised in Milton. I came here in 1968. His mother was born and raised here. We believe this is a good thing for Milton,” said Greg.

Sean agrees, “I feel that Milton needs a place for people to unwind and hang out, and not having to drive to Pensacola. We’re not in competition with other local businesses. We want to add to the community to help revitalize downtown. Plus, Milton has the best water quality and that’s important for an upcoming brewery.” Like Brew Angels on Facebook or call (850) 564-0034. Open Tuesday through Sunday, 2 p.m. for bar, 4 p.m. for café.

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  1. Sound’s great, see you soon..

  2. Had the fish tacos. They were awesome!

  3. Are you looking for any help I am servsafe certified. I do hope and pray the beat for your business and I have worked for a liquor store in the past.

  4. I would like to bring my granddaughter, are your prices high for food? I don’t drink, but would like to try this! Thanks! Do you have a menu?

  5. We walked passed your place when we went to watch the fireworks and were excited to see a new place in town. After reading this article I am super excited and look forward to coming in and having a beer and trying your daily pub menu. I have lived in England and Germany and really missed having a place to go to unwind. Best Wishes.

  6. Moving to Milton from California the around the first of August. Looking forward to trying this place out.

    • Hi Neighbor

      We are also a California transplant. We retired from Southern CA Been here since April 1st 2015. Maybe we’ll run into each other there one day soon.

      Hope your enjoying the area!

      Rose & Manny

  7. What, no crab cakes!? I miss the crab cakes they used to serve there,🙁

  8. Looking forward to having a local brewery, my husband and I would rather not have to drive to Pensacola. Will see your place soon. Best wishes

  9. I have been a cook for 14 years and I am safe serv. I have been working towards my own restaurant but haven’t made it there yet. I have been a rockstar cook at waffle house. Which is the highest level of a cook. I also been kitchen manager at village inn and a trainer manager for tastee freez. So in conclusion I was wondering if you were looking for hard working people who believes in team work and the dream of having their own restaurant. If so i am that person for you.

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