Shoving Off by Marc Livanos, Milton poet laureate

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Shoving Off


The bay is calm, pink blue,

then green blue, as the sun rises

and illuminates dark folds

lapping over the bow.


Rising ever more, the sun

paints nearby mangroves

with every possible hue,

tint and shade of green.


Chartreuse, olive, asparagus,

emerald, jade, teal and malachite

illustrate this primordial Eden

for my sight.


The sun canopies

both bay and palms alike

in a halo of glimmering colors

that highlights the horizon.


Its brightness infuses

my mind with jobs endured

and dreams laid to rest

like skinned fish on the pier.


Suddenly, a seagull swoops

and bombs my boat

reminding me of my mission –

the catch of the day.



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