Poetry Class October 11

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Bullies are rude.

It makes people

change moods.

I stand up to bullies.

Most bullies are fools.

Amiah Hamilton-student





Once sprayed with hoses

and hit with bats,

we sat

in separated theaters

and drank from separated fountains.

All this because we were black.

Yet, we are all the same on the inside

but they focused on the outside.

Jeremiah McPherson-student




My Secret

No One knows all about me.
How can they?
My secret is inside of me.

No one knows me

No one knows the real me.

the real me has feelings

but I also love cheering

and riding my bike

until out of sight.

All I want to do is take flight.

Basketball is life.

Devin Hennins-student




I love cheering

and I love stunting.

If we drop our stunt,

we have to go running.

If we are not listening,

we have to do more conditioning.

Amiah Hamilton-student



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