Stop signs to be installed on Berryhill Road December 21

Published on December 14, 2017 with 3 Comments

The new stop signs will be installed on Berryhill Road between Dogwood Drive and Stewart Street on December 21st, said City Manager Brian Watkins.

The stop signs are an attempt to keep drivers from speeding down a residential road that has become over the years a major cut-through to downtown.

Last August, the Milton City Council voted to place two stop signs in an effort to help slow down the constant traffic. The stop signs will be located at Berryhill Road and Moore Street; Berryhill Road and Chavers Street and Moore Street and Hamilton Bridge Road. All locations will be a “all way stop.”


“This road was not built to be a cut through,” said Milton Police Chief Tony Tindell.

Milton Police Chief Tony Tindell

“There are no sidewalks or bike paths on this road and the homes are close to the street.”

Information signs are now on the road to remind drivers the signs are coming next week.

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  1. I live right off Newton. There is no way that this is gonna help traffic. If anything, it’s gonna be backed up more than ever at the red light on Dogwood! What are u guys thinking!!?

  2. i belive speed bumps would be a better soluition

  3. If speeding is the justification for this action, how many speeding citations have been issued in this area over the past 12 months?

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