Do the Right Thing, January poetry

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What have you done?


There’s really kind

people in the world

that do many nice things.


And people always

come and ask me

what’s the nicest


thing I’ve done to help someone.

The nicest was to donate clothes

that were brand new to a homeless shelter.


I’ve also help saving our environment

by going around to pick up trash

in the community.


It’s always good to do nice deeds.

What have you done

to help someone?

Na’trell Kennedy -student



Be Glad – Help Others


The stuff we do

to help others is special

for helping others


like the homeless

and the poor

let’s us all be grateful.


So, give a hug,

or share a dime or more

but help those that are poor.

Elijah McPherson – student



No Reason


The nicest thing I’ve done

was to buy someone clothes.

It made me feel good like when I run.


I just run and run.

I don’t do it for a reason.

Helping him was the nicest thing I’ve done.

Ahmir Jones – student




Doing Right


The nicest thing I ever

did to someone is to give

a hundred dollars for someone to get food.


I knew the person well. So, I let them

stay in my home because

they had no warm clothes or home.


I saw what I had done was right

because that person got up and

did right, and no longer struggled.

Ariana Hilliard – student




Jesus Christ favored

tin over gold, not as

an alchemist but to explain

man’s foolhardiness.


“He chose lowly things…

to nullify the things that are,

so that no one may

boast before Him.” *


I penned didactic poems

that universities published

along with a short,

self-serving biography.


When I became a poet laureate,

reporters came to my house

and interviewed me,

as did magazine and radio hosts.


No longer was poetry

about my darker, inner self

but about recognition

and scoring new feats.


As I started working

with inner city youth,

I saw how they could care less

about my accolades.


They came because

they felt this connection of spirit

trying to make sense of out

of a seemingly insufferable world.


With titles and accomplishments

no longer of value to me,

the joy in my heart grew larger than all

the treasures of this earthly kingdom.

Marc Livanos


*1 Corinthians 1:26-31

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  1. Excellent poem on caring about others. It expresses how it feels to help out.

  2. I can almost see Ahmir running for “No Reason” while reading his poem.

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