February poetry class, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Favorite Places

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Favorite Place to Go

Away Away Away

to my bed where only I stay

and to where I sleep the day

with no more worries,

just sit and read stories,

until I’m no longer restless.

I’ll Stay Away Away Away.

Alissa Dinkins – student


My Favorite Place to Relax

I like to go to my room

and write or read because I feel

like it relieves my pain and

calms my thoughts.

When I write, it’s like

being in a peaceful place.

So even when I feel lonesome,

writing music helps me to go alone.

Javante Portis – student


A Special Place

My favorite place to go when I feel

restless is to just find a peaceful area.

Sometimes I wish I could just fly

far away to a peaceful place

to just sit and think about the future

but sometimes, it’s so very hard

to find peace and quiet in a world

like the one we live in.

Calise Thomas


We all struggle with regrets and

labor in the canyons of lament

asking, why did we not amend

our broken relationships?

I regret the many years my late

father and I were estranged.

If I had just one more moment

so he, or I, just …

All the while that life-force

of love dissipated. But

on any given day, I would

attempt to undo

the wounds, to play one last

game of solitaire with my father.

My heart is now open, allowing

such love to flow between us.

Marc Livanos



One More Moment

Every day I wake up
a bit older and accepting

of my devoted father.

How much I would love

to mend our differences

and again, be together.

I yearn for one more

day with him –

Just one last day.

Marc Livanos



Attitude for Change

Hope is my motto.

It allows me to envision

opportunities for action.

It gives my life dignity

and meaning, rather than

accepting things as they are.

Multiple outcomes

and contributions

come from anywhere.

So let us see the potential

in each other and for

things as they could be.

Marc Livanos


He Stood Tall

Dr. Martin Luther King stood strong

when he saw something was wrong

and did not care how long

it would take for all to have a better life.

Samiya Neal – student


A Dream Achieved

MLK also known as Dr. Martin Luther King

was a great man who stood up for others.

He never gave up and pushed

through hard times to get us all together

and congregate as one. He had a dream

and, in my eyes, it was achieved.

Elijah McPherson – student



This is what I know Dr. Martin Luther King

did and that is that he saved the country.

He did this great thing for all of us.

Quamoria Ducksworth – student


Winter Storm

Winter is cold. There is

snow in the sky. The squirrels

gather nuts and the

geese fly by. The fluffy red fox

has his fur keeping her warm. The bear

is in her cave asleep all through the storm.

Amiah Hamilton – student



I believe we could make

the world better by just asking other

nations to come together and

just have peace, clarity and

no more going to war with

so many deaths on those nations.

Calise Thomas – student


Change for a Better Place

For the world to be a better place

we need to feed the poor,

cloth and shoe them too.

Kids that can’t have an education

would be given one, along

with a good town

and clean community

Devin Henning – student


Help make the World a Better Place

We all can help feed the hungry.

It’s not a good place, if there

is hunger.

We could all recycle because

we can use it over and over.

If people work together, then the

world would be a better place.

Latrell Husfelt – student

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  1. Samiya Neal’s poem “He Stood Tall” shows gives great depth in the character of Dr. Martin Luther King, as well as illustrating how the pen is mightier than the sword. .

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