March 1 poetry class helpings

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On Lying


Most of the time

I can tell someone’s

telling the truth

when they look

into my eyes and

speak from their heart.

When someone’s

lying they try

to hide what’s inside

so you just cry.

Na’trell Kennedy – student


Being Good


A good person never

tells lies and is always

true with you.


A good person will do

whatever they can

to make the person

they love smile.


A good person will

give their last

even when it means

going without.


A good person will

lend a hand

and stand beside

you to the end.

Na’trell Kennedy – student





My life would be great

if I did not have to wait

to be grown

so I could be strong.

My inner voice whispers

just wait, tough times

don’t last forever.

The sun will come out


Samiya Neal – student


I Wonder

I always think of going

up high, when I look up

at the sky. But sometimes

I stop and wonder have I

already died? Hmm.

I wonder.

Calise Thomas



A Caring Heart


A good person is

someone who cares,

worries about others,

treats anyone nicely,

is unselfish and says

I care.

Ayanne Hudson – student



A Good Person


A good person is kind hearted

and cares about the world

and those in it. He cares

about the needy, homeless

and hungry. He cherishes

good over evil.

Dante Gill- student


Decent People


What makes a good person

is someone who gives without

thinking about receiving

something in return.

What makes a good person is someone

who loves unconditionally.

Someone who is honest and

who is kind hearted.

That’s what makes a

good person.

Charles McPherson – student



Dressing Up


As velvet wrappings

of the night dress field

flower, trees and sea

so sorrow sometimes

laces me the way shoe–

strings run through eye–

lets fixed in leather.


But dawn protects

her own, gently

lifting the pile

with slanty fingers

mist covered

sun soaked . . .

wakens robin

And with birdsong

nothing sad can stay.

Jane Hutto

from American Poets & Poetry




blissful bones

lonely nights

tick tock away

till one day

the clock stops

every bell

eventually tolls

Marc Livanos

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  1. Na’trell Kennedy’s poem “On Lying” shows why truth is best and describes how it feels to be lied too.

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