March Poetry highlights the terror of school shootings

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Poetry Workshop

If the Center was open

more, it could

let teens express them

selves and make them

more inspired with

weekend programs

like dances, or activities

like field trips or board games

all go a long way

to finding our way.

Samiya Neal – student



I’d get rid of the AR-15 weapons

because it is a dangerous weapon

and can take too many lives

like the 17 in Parkland.

The shooting was cruel and

makes us not feel safe at school.

Also, no one deserves to have their life

cut short because of the anger of another.

Na’trell Kennedy – student


School Shootings

They make me mad and sad,

as I don’t feel safe. It’s like

holding a knife to my back.

We need more done to stop

or control school shootings

because if they don’t do more,

it will happen more and more.

Seventeen dead, all have scars.

Jeremiah McPherson – student


Another Massacre

When I sit in class,

I think about my safety,

and other’s safety,

while all the while many

just think about what’s going on

on their phone. Never looking up to see

what’s around, just always looking down.

Without school shootings, many would

still be around.

Devin Henning – student



Active Shooter

I believe that if we banned certain guns,

it will prevent more school shootings.

It’s hard for parents and teachers

and students to get over this

Jaden Robinson – student


School Shootings Continue

I feel that they

are not doing enough

about assault weapons because

people somehow get these guns

at a young age.

I feel bad about the school shootings

as it plays over in my mind.

Ki Miller – student

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  1. I read “School Shootings” by Jeremiah McPherson – student and can only comment, from the mouth of babes. It is such a powerful peom.

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