April thoughts on friendships

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True friends will ride

forever with you, no

matter what. When

they see you, they will

lend their shoulder for

you to cry on. They

respect you and let nothing

or anyone get between

their relationship.

Na’trell Kennedy-student


True Friend

My friends is always there for

me, for even when times are rough,

he’ll help pull me through.

He’s there for me

when I need take a stand.

He helps me up

and never leaves me stuck.

My friend is true to me

and knows what I need to be.

Even when mad,

he won’t get sad.

My friend is very honest

and yet is quite modest.

He respects me

and won’t hurt me.

Armani Sanchez


Best Friend

My best friend is the most

amazing person in the world.

She’s so pretty and is always

there for me and has been

for thirteen years.

I get sad as she’s always

there for me. I do love

her so much.

The only thing interesting about her is that

she doesn’t let anyone push her about

being always true to herself.

And that’s’ why she is my best friend.

Calise Thomas


Being a Friend

Bullies act that way

because of things

that happened to them

in their past.

They think it makes

them feel better

but it leaves them worse.

So bullies do it over

and over again till

they figure out

it doesn’t work and

get mad and take

their anger out

all over again.

We have to speak up

by telling someone, or

saying you’re not alone.

Please help stop

the most hateful

things in school-


Jeremiah McPherson -student


Being Different

Life is what people want it to be

but they don’t know what they see,

so we all try to do our best.

But life is not like my favorite fan

and you need be yourself if you can.

But mostly look at it different

and try to understand.

Armani Sanchez – student


Stop Bullies

People are sometimes bullies

because they want to be more powerful

than the other person

and want perfection

as a way to get their way.

My life is different

from such people

because I have confidence,

courage, compassion

and other things that

lead to the good life.

When people say

mean things

just say

nice things

so they see their bullying

technique does not work.

Zeth Moreland – student

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  1. It’s great seeing these teens take an interest in poetry.

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