Teens on Arguing

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The Biggest Modern-day Distraction

When people fight

I like to escape deep inside my head.

It’s like everything in my head

just spreads.

I want to sit there and explain the ignorance of it

but I know it’ll just be the end of me.

I feel as if everyone nowadays is braindead

or just too stubborn to care.


Everyone wants to be right, yet we all are wrong

until we all come together as one.

So, let’s sit back and enjoy everyone’s stupidity

under our glorious sun cause till we do, our morals are done.


Let’s put away our personal problems aside

to take a second to swallow pride

and just learn to forgive. Then, we could notice

things much bigger than the two of us.

So, to me arguing is irrelevant

and the biggest modern-day distraction.

Justin Floyd -student


Life’s Problems

Sometimes hearts

can be broken

and many things can happen

But arguing is not

my part of passion.

I hate arguing

but sometimes it helps

like when I argue with someone

for whom I really care,

but some people don’t play fair.

Armani Sanchez – student



Arguing makes me feel scared

and abandoned.

I don’t have a clue why

but sometimes it makes me cry.

Bryanna Perkins – student



When I argue, I get made

and feel like punching a wall.

I walk off and listen to music

to calm down.

Charles McPherson – student



i feel pointless when i argue

there’s no way to win

i feel that settling arguments

means you sit down and talk

i feel there’s no way to make your point

by arguing or throwing things

Edwin Fountain – student



Simply Me

In my words, I would say

my mom describes me

as nice and friendly, but

I too can be a little frosty.

She would say that I’m

very respectable and outgoing –

a smart young lady who will grow

to do bright things in her life.

Ebony Creekmur – student



Being a leader means

you have make changes

and be able to listen to your people.

You have to be able to take charge.

Ki Miller – student


I am Me

I’m smart, polite and pretty

and most of the time

I’m “litty.”

I’m nice and kind

and like to talk

about anything.

Jordan Grey- student

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