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Teens on What’s Wrong with Society


Communication Breakdown

Walk a mile in his moccasins –

Treat others

as you want

to be treated.

Be quick to hear, slow to speak –

You catch more flies

with honey

than with vinegar.

You were raised better –

Finger pointing

never works on

children or adults.

The problem emanates from you –

Ask questions,

not to argue,

but to find answers.

Don’t judge a book by its cover –

Nothing gets done

if you don’t even try to

understand the other view.

Choose your words carefully –

A dose of kindness

mends bridges and offers

the best hope of redress.

Marc Livanos




What’s Wrong with Society

What is broken is our way of thinking

is that we worry about ourselves over others.

We will do anything we can to get over

on people and don’t care what happens to them.

We should break this habit

and start thinking about others.

Charles McPherson – student



Caring for Each Other

There are many things

broken in this world today,

whether it’s racism, famine,

wealth imbalance or squalid living.

To me, all of this adds up

to inequality in our society or

people think it’s okay to be better

than someone else.

A broken society is

unhealthy and causes

people to feel broken

and shut out.

Ebony Creekmur – student


Getting Along

From bad to good

from good to bad

this world is always

rough and life an

sometimes be tough.

This world is broken

and it has been

for too long.

Devin Henning -student


Dreams are made of …

i sleep and i dream of things

things i believe

that i can achieve


the sky is the limit

no time to be timid

know that in-which you want

and your dreams in what you’ll become

Edwin Fountain – student


One and Only

you’re amazing you’re beautiful

no matter what you go through

as long as you stay true to

yourself that’s all that matters

just be you and live your life

Laila Cliff -student


Honorable Man

Being a leader means

guiding others in the right path,

helping them be successful in what they do,

and doing the right thing, even when

no one is looking.

Zaire Thomas – student

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  1. You can’t undo words said. The poems from “Teens on What’s Wrong with Society” highlight areas that need to improve.

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