June poems on teen interests

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High School

Many things interest teens,

but for me, it’s school

because I learn

how to prepare for life.

School may not be everyone’s life

but for me that is what

interests me and it’s worth it in the end.

Ebon Creek – student


My Dreams

There are many things

that interest me like

my family and friends.

I care a lot about

succeeding in sports

but also about education

as you need one to play sports.

Kemontre Current – student


Milton Football

Football makes me happy

for without it, I don’t know

where I’d be right now.

It helps me focus and

get my mind off stressful things.

I love football so much,

as I make friends and

meet new people.

Most importantly, I

want to make it to the league.

Akino Odom – student


Basketball Dreams

The thing I love most

is basketball. I started

at a young age and quit

but then re-started in 7th grade.

I love the sport –

getting the snap and going long

It’s satisfying to know

one day I’ll make it.

Calvin Barnes – student



In my opinion, football

is the best sport by far.

It makes you tougher,

stronger and best of all

it’s fun.

I personally love being

a receiver or running back.

It all depends on your build.

Quincy Smith – student

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