Suzanna Jones is GTCC’s Senior Spotlight

Published on June 25, 2018 with 4 Comments

Suzanna Jones, 75, a volunteer at the Guy Thompson Community Center is sincere when she says she’s at her best when she’s amongst people.

“I love the socialization at the center. I like to stay busy and I’m at the center most of the time,” said Jones. She volunteers with Bingo, Feeding the Gulf Coast, Bands on the Blackwater and takes part in monthly dances.

“I make sure people know what’s going on,” said Jones, a self imposed spokesperson for the senior program.

Originally from Rhode Island, Jones moved to Pace in 1984. She said her family brought her to Santa Rosa County. She spent 18 years working as a misdemeanor deputy at the Santa Rosa County Courthouse and retired. Now she is involved in many organizations and clubs including RSVP Fun Bunch, Red Hat Society and Newcomers. She participates in other programs as well. “I’m a volunteer by choice,” she said, “I enjoy people and senior citizens.”

She said the holiday dinners the program has for seniors at Thanksgiving and Christmas are important because many are lonely during the season. “Some are isolated or they don’t have family. It gives them a place to come; their own family base.

The most important aspect of being a part of the Guy Thompson Community Center, said Jones is building friendships.

“My friend Charles gives me a red solo cup when I arrive every day for my drink. It’s those gestures I treasure,” she said.


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  1. I have been meaning to check out Guy Thompson facilities now that I am (mostly) retired. Now I feel I can look for smiling Suzanna and feel like I know someone there! What a wonderful volunteer she muat be.

    • I’m there every Wednesday 10-2. Stop in and say hi!

  2. Positivity and joy s0eak volumes. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Does the center offer line dancing? I will send my husband there today, so he can find out how to get involved.

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