Teens writing about summer break

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Spare Time

In my spare time,

I love to bake cause

it’s fun and time consuming.

I learn many different things

from different people.

What I love today

is just what I may do

one day.

Ebony Creekmur


Loving What I Do

Without spare time,

I would not be having

down time for fun.

In my spare time,

I like to play video games

cause they keep me calm,

after a bad school day

and one day

I’d like to make games.

Ki Miller – student



I love being creative,

drawing, playing ukulele.

It’s all sweet to me.

Poetic words so quickly

come from my heart.

It’s all sweet to me.

Pen take me home.

Kacie Parker – student


A True Leader

Being a leader means

guiding others in the right path,

helping them be successful in what they do,

and doing the right thing, even when

no one is looking.

This is me.

Zaire Thomas – student

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