Problem solving, July’s batch

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Problem Solved

When I have a problem
And I don’t know
How to solve it,
I try to resolve it.

It’s usually a hard decision

but it’s also easy to solve,

if you have a dream.

Don’t give up on it

but try harder and

when people don’t

want you to make it,

it makes you want to

prove them wrong

but mostly prove

to yourself that

you can make it.

Jeremiah McPherson – student


No Problems

My problem is basketball.

You win and lose some,

but make that shot,

get hit hard, go the foul line

and shoot two points.

Isaiah Rushing – student


The Only Solution

If you have a problem,

take the time to figure it out.

Figure out what is the problem

figure out why is it happening

then go and figure out how to solve it.

Like not passing a test, don’t complain

but move forward and study hard

for the next one.

Charles McPherson – student


My Dog “Cookie”
Cookie’s inner peace
challenges our perception
of our perspective on life.
She’s always comfortable
with herself never

worrying about her core.
Her core is simple
just love and affection
makes her comfortable.
We really don’t know
what makes us comfortable
if we don’t know our core.
We need work on
what’s right with us,
not what’s wrong.
Forgiving erring ways

allows the good within to

find a path to healing.

There’s no trick to learn
once we start with
our inner “Cookie.”
Marc Livanos



I would rather own nothing

and see everything,

than own everything

and see nothing

because there is a lot

going on in the world today

that people miss out on and don’t see

cause all they care about is themselves,

their team or whatever else they do

and don’t see what’s going on in the world.

Leundrae Hamilton – student


Attitude is Everything

If I had a choice of having nothing

and seeing everything, I would

rather have nothing because

if I have other stuff I really don’t need,

it soon gets boring.

To me the world is beautiful.

Marquis Robinson – student



Life’s Treasures

I’d rather have nothing

and see everything.

I’m like the shark

in the sea, instead

of the fish.

Amiah Hamilton – student


Good Friend, Really?

Good friends help other’s always,

have each other’s back,

make the grade,

staying out of trouble,

and help out others

that don’t know nothing.

Kris McCarter – student





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