Scents of Summertime July poetry

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Pizza Lover

Pizza, I like pizza because

I like the crunchy pepperonis

better than macaroni

and that is the best!

It’s supper gooey

crispy and good

and at any party

a lot of fun.

Amiah Hamilton-student



Sweet Treats

Sweet like candy

Hot like Chicken

Big like drinks

Small like Mom’s.

With candy you score

and win tasty treats.

Isaiah Rushing-student


Dreaming of Chicken Nuggets

I like chicken nuggets

because their very tasty,

big – not small,

and just real juicy.

I dip them in sauce –

honey, mustard, BBQ

to make them bold and salty.

I like my chicken nuggets.

Jayda Hollis-student



Before you hire someone

to do more activities

check that they can teach,

be fair, trustworthy,

how much would it cost

and do we need one.

Marquis Robinson – student



Yearning for views

that stop time,

I follow golden rays

to a breezy field

of tall grasses

that sashay away troubles

and radiate an eternity

of forever and always.

Marc Livanos


The Workman’s Progress

is there justice? who’s to judge?

get it done. just do it.

that’s funny cause that’s not me.


there’s the right way,

the wrong way and the Navy way.

you’ll see, it’s easier to keep quiet.

make the machine happy.

doesn’t matter if it’s not right

just do it.


embarrassed, sick of excuses,

hypocrisy. still I care enough

to stop the madness.


be diligent to present yourself

approved to God, a worker

who does not need to be ashamed

Marc Livanos

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