July’s thoughts on music

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The music must have something

people can relate to and

be real with a story behind it

be it country, rock or rap.

Natrell Kennedy – student


Beat & Rhythm

Good music needs

to rhyme with the beat

and taping of the feet

with snapping of the hand

to the notes, whether it’s for the choir

or just in the shower.

Ahmir James – student


Powerful Songs

Good song come

from the heart,

not your sight.

It’s emotions from inside,

not what others say.

Seliah Mitchel – student


Slam Music

A good song needs be-

catchy but not repetitive

with a good vibe so

you want to dance.

And, oh yea, the rapper

needs to know what

he’s talking about.

Jauntanasia McNeal – student

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