Teens on being thankful

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Thankful this day for Mom

My mom is there for me

through my deepest & darkest days.

She is a best friend, when

all is lost.

I love my mother with all my heart

and deep inside is the most beautiful

person in the whole world.

Her personality, confidence and

never letting anyone put her down.

I know I get on her nerves a lot

but I don’t know what I would do or where

I would be without my Mom.

Calise Thompson – student



I am thankful for my grandmother

because she helps me whenever she can

and buys things I need.

She teaches me a lot that I need to know

to have a great life. Her name is

Vivian Rhodes. She is a great teacher

and does a lot for the community.

Jamal Collins – student


Thank you Mom

The one person I’m most thankful

for is my mother Denise. No matter

how much I’m in the wrong or

just doing bad in life, I can

count on her having my back.

I’m so grateful to have that opportunity.

Justin Floyd – student



Thankful on Thanksgiving Day

I am thankful for my parents that provide

so much for me and my siblings

to live comfortably.

I owe all to my parents and

one day, I will return the favor.

Calvin Barnes – student


Family & Friends

I am thankful for my parents, family & friends

because they are helpful, make me feel good inside,

teach how to do things and handle different situations.

They are great mentors to help me get thru life.

I am thankful for all that have helped me.

Cameron McAllister – student


My Child, My Friend

If I was a parent,

I would listen to my kids’ ideas

and what I’d tell them,

I would too do.

I would love them

and make sure they have a place

to lay their head.

I would make sure the rules I set,

I would do as well.

Quamoria Ducksworth – student



This boy with darker hair,

he stands so tall.

His smile sheds light in the cold.

Thankfulness is an understatement

as he makes me appreciate

every day, not just one.

Hunter Ledesma – student



I’m thankful for my family and guardians

because they make sure

I’m living in good conditions

and have something to eat, drink

and make a career with a future.

I’d raise my kids by teaching

and showing them what to do

by setting a good example,

not only for my kids

but other kids too.

Cameron McAllister – student

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