A Plan for Riverfront’s Future

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As the City of Milton’s population increases, the importance of protecting the natural beauty of the area becomes ever more important. It’s practically impossible to ignore the natural beauty encompassing the City of Milton. The city has recently developed a conceptual development plan to make the downtown riverfront area an image of civic pride and beauty. This conceptual design package is a part of a larger Master Plan the community has undertaken in order to expand the City’s Community Redevelopment Area.

The Blackwater River State Forest has become the center of ecotourism in the region, attracting nature lovers and adventure seekers from all over. The need for the plan became clear when it was realized that the natural beauty and recreational activities of the Blackwater River define one’s experience of Milton. The main purpose of the Riverfront Master Plan is to revive the downtown economy and to provide a variety of activities and attractions along the Blackwater River. The potential projects will set the stage for private sector investment. Pieces of the history, culture, and small-town charm of Milton are used for design inspiration along the Riverwalk.

There is also an interest in showcasing the Riverwalk as a potential model for “Green Technology” by incorporating low-impact stormwater techniques, alternative energy sources, and sustainable materials to the design of the park. When imagining the scenery and everything the park will offer its visitors, the concept of the Riverwalk sounds quite exciting; almost like a movie scene. Additionally, as the Riverwalk plan is developed it will concentrate on four different areas in an effort to accommodate the interests of the different types of people that will be enjoying the park. The areas are commerce, nature, recreation, and family.  Activities that may be included in the final plan are a dog park, a permanent farmers market, a professional rowing facility, a children’s splash pad, a continuous shoreline walkway, and the development of a Marina Circle on Quinn Bayou. It shows that the Riverwalk could be used as the location for festivals and other community events at a much larger scale then what the community can currently host.

The project area for the conceptual design plan runs from the Veteran’s War Memorial in the south, to Carpenter’s Park in the north, west to Broad and Willing Street, and bordered by the river to the east. The idea of the plan will be to bring together anticipated riverfront assets, with the already existing area attractions, particularly those clustered between the Riverwalk Pavilion and the anticipated Marina Circle. The plan hopes to use the Blackwater River to provide a connection between existing city assets on opposite sides of the river, including Russell Harber Park.

The Blackwater Riverfront Conceptual Design Plan sounds to be exactly what the City of Milton needs to provide good fun to area residents and to help revive the downtown business district. In many cities across the country, the presence of a well-developed and attractive park network, such as the proposed Riverwalk, serves to bring the community together and encourage prosperity. The downtown business district of Milton will become a desirable place for investment resulting in a wonderful place to live and work.

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