The New Look of the Milton Police Department

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The idea of transitioning to a traditional black and white scheme was broached and the idea was received enthusiastically.  Several different graphic styles were presented to the officers and select city officials.

The selected scheme was approved by all.  The gold graphics were chosen over others because of its aesthetic value and the fact we are the only agency in the area using graphics which are entirely gold.  This was done to set us apart from other agencies, including those using black and white color schemes.

The diagonal blue stripes further identify our department and is also a tribute to the concept of The Thin Blue Line.

All gold and blue graphics are reflective materiel.  The gold Police lettering is the dominant marking on the cars.  This covers both driver and passenger side doors.  Diagonally through the Police lettering is two blue reflective stripes.

The badge and car numbers are on the front fenders in reflective materiel.  The city name is placed on the rear fenders in gold reflective materiel as well as Emergency 911.  The rear of the cars bear the word Police in bold reflective gold on the trunk fascia and the car number is placed on the rear bumper, again in gold reflective materiel.  The word Police will go onto the top of the windshield in gold reflective lettering.

We also included a small city seal on the car which is non-reflective black and white.  This was done to display our department pride in our city and further enhances our unique identity.

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