Hens now can flock to Milton

Published on July 08, 2013 with 5 Comments

Chickens can come home to roost in Milton, thanks to a new ordinance making it easier for city residents to enjoy homegrown organic eggs.

At the request of a Dogwood Street resident, the Milton City Council developed the ordinance to allow chickens in the city limits, in keeping with a trend in cities nationwide.

However, roosters, the hens’ noisy counterparts, are banned.

The ordinance limits the number of chickens to eight and spells out other conditions, such as the pen must be at least 30 feet from the property line and feed and water must be provided.

The ordinance also says that pens, coops or enclosures must be built to keep the chickens safe from predators. The coops must be at least 18 inches off the ground, with a box to collect droppings.

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  1. I have a very annoying neighbor that owns chickens…..and, two roosters. The roosters crow constantly. I need to know what I can do within the limits of the law to fix this problem. We live in a residential area off of pine blossom road, but not within the city limits

    • Since you do not live within city limits, all we can suggest is to speak with your neighbor about the roosters. If they are within their rights via zoning laws, there is nothing else you can do about the crowing. White noise may help for sleeping.

  2. Are laying hens allow on Bonner Avenue in milton. I would like to get 3 or 4 no more to have fresh eggs and to help with my vegetable garden. But my garden is on the backside of our backyard. So I was just wondering how it could be worked?

    • Contact the planning department at 983-5440 regarding code issues. Hens are allowed within city limits, but if there is any question don’t hesitate to contact city hall.

  3. I live on Spottswood Drive in the Milton Borough. I would like to chicken’s. Are there any issues in this location?

    I am also considering creating a small pond due to our excessive water issues. Are there any ordinances against this?

    Thank you?
    Tammy Davis

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