Road projects in Milton are finishing up

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Milton residents are enjoying the fruits of completed and near completed projects in town.The first project, which is only awaiting some further landscaping and street lights before it is officially completed is the Canal Street improvement project.

Workers in the past couple of months re-opened Canal Street, which features new sidewalks, curbing, and will soon see the addition of streetlights as it completes the look being put in place for the historic district of Milton, such as the case on Oak St.

Another vast improvement the project facilitated was the connection to Highway 90.

Now headed north on Canal St. can utilize a left turn lane as well as a separate lane to continue north on Canal to Berryhill Rd., or you can turn right on to Highway 90 to head east through downtown Milton.

Another added change in the routing of traffic in this area is the closing of Pike Street.

These changes were instituted to continue with a very consistent traffic flow to deal with an already congested Highway 90 corridor.

Soon to be started will be improvements on the Gill-Bass Park, which is just south of the Santa Rosa County Board of Education offices near Canal St.

The park will feature a gazebo and walking areas so residents can enjoy peaceful moments and tranquility.

And the word tranquility can also be used to describe the soon to be completed Sanders Street project in Milton.

Crews are preparing to do more paving work as they are in the finishing stages of the streets realignment. Sanders St. is the only connection of Stewart St. and Dogwood Dr. between Park Ave. and Magnolia St.

The realignment of the project is part of a $2.5-million grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

When the project is completed Sanders Street will be just one single intersection at Byrom Street compared to the two confusing intersections at the start of the project.

Before the project started many local residents were very familiar with the relative disconnect between the two portions of Sanders Street.

Until that artery is completed there will be a slightly larger disconnect as portions of Byrom Street are currently closed, thus limiting access to the Milton Community Center and to W.H. Rhodes Elementary School depending on which direction you are heading.

When the project is completed not only will it realign the two sections of Sanders St., but it will also facilitate the loading zone for student pick-up at Rhodes Elementary School. The city worked with the School Board to ensure faculty parking at Rhodes would not be affected.

This project follows other recent improvements within the City of Milton to include Elva St., Park Ave., as well as Canal St.

Besides improving traffic flow in the area the Sanders Street upgrade will also address a stormwater problem in the area. New underground structures will feature piping and treatment facilities that will significantly filter debris and sediment from stormwater runoff before it reaches the area’s sensitive waterways like Locklin Lake and the Blackwater River.

Another feature that will affect safety and convenience for those using the city’s Community Center and students and faculty at Rhodes Elementary School will be the construction of sidewalks, curbs and gutters to catch, channel and control stormwater runoff.

Construction was anticipated to last for approximately one year, but it was divided into various phases to minimize the projects effects on residents of the neighborhood as well as the students and faculty of W.H. Rhodes Elementary.

The ongoing project also coincides with the expansion and resurfacing of the Dr. O.K. Matthews Tennis Facility along the north side of Sanders Street.

City officials feel all of these changes will give the neighborhood a very positive look and feel.

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