Is your street light burning bright?

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Is it getting rather dark in your neighborhood?

Is there a street light that is not functioning like it should?

Many people think that the City of Milton owns and maintains the street lights throughout the city limits, but in most cases Gulf Power owns and maintains the street lights.

As a service to Milton residents, the city does pay for the monthly electrical bill.  This is the case except for the decorative lighting downtown and on Hwy. 90 where the city both owns and maintains the lights displayed around the holiday season.

If your street light is out contact 983-5400 and the city will notify Gulf Power so the light can be fixed.

Now, Gulf Power has made it simple for you to get a broken street fixed.

All you have to do is go on-line to and click CUSTOMER SERVICE. In the lower right of the page, click REPORT OUTDOOR LIGHTING PROBLEMS. This will take you to a STREETLIGHT OUTAGE page. When you get here, follow the instructions listed. Upon receiving the outage notice, Gulf Power will notify you with a Request Receipt by email within a few minutes.

According to the Milton Public Works Department it takes between three to five business days for the outage to be repaired.

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