Mother Nature’s Destruction by Glenda Frazier

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Mother Natures’ Destruction


 I marvel at the storms of Mother Nature

with her raging winds and ocean waves,

playing a game of chess with our lives.


She leaves her wrath of destruction

like a roaring lion ready to devour

anyone who gets in her way.


Men, women and children tremble when

hearing her massive voice screaming…

“I have arrived!”


We are all thankful for her departure,

knowing we survived her devastation

as she fades away with the clouds.


Although she is powerful and a force

to be reckoned with, the game of chess

is not over.


We are not weak pawns in glass

fortresses waiting to be shattered

within her vigorous domain.


But we are mighty opponents

resilient in our own right.

We are still here.


We pick up the pieces of our remains

We re-build stronger than before

We have one last move.


So I say to her….Checkmate!


By:  Glenda B. Frazier

Poems that Bleed, 2017

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