Survey for Carpenter’s Park Master Plan now available

Published on October 13, 2017 with 14 Comments

The Carpenter’s Park Master Plan is underway and the City of Milton wants to know what improvements residents would like see in their neighborhood park. Please click on the link and answer just a few questions:

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  1. Any park needs to be visually safe. Parents should be able to sit on benches and watch their children play, if even from a distance.

    I do not take my kids to Benny Russell Park because it does not feel safe. I can not see my children playing in all the fortress like equipment.

    More benches, some shade covering, a fence with adult maneuvered in/out gates would be ideal, & fencing around the water would be great.

    I would love a large splash zone for kids, but only if it was well maintained & kept sanitary.

  2. My kids would love a splash pad!!

  3. Shade, shade would be wonderful. And a tire swing!!!

  4. Splash pad- we travel to downtown Pensacola, Navarrare and Creatview to visit their splash pads. THese splash pads are never empty- a splash pad would bring more children to the park. The one in navarre let’s kids press a button with a timer so water not always running.

    Shade- Carpenters park or Duck park as my kids have nicknamed it, is HOT. We avoid during summer months but once it starts to cool off- we will be back.

    The playground is great- my kids love it but after awhile they gravitate toward the creek.

  5. This park definitely needs better bathrooms they are always filthy.

  6. I bring my 4 kids here at least once a week. I’d really like to see something more than swings and slides for the younger children and something more complex for the older ones. Mine range from 1 to 8. They both get bored easily. Maybe one of those spinning merry go round type things with clasp “seatbelts” or a comfy see saw. Benny Russell park’s newest “addition” is a big hit with mine. More interactive playground equipment. More than just something to sit on such a swings and slides. Something that actually moves and keeps their interest for more than 20 minutes. Hopefully this new remodel will be bigger and better than any of us could ever imagine!

  7. It would be nice to have a couple water fountains for kids to drink out of .

  8. We have a family of 7 and we would love to see a splash pad!!

  9. It gets way too hot mid day no shade on play area,would love a water park pad added run it off the river water to save money.The current bathrooms need to be replaced I hold it than use it. Nice location just too hot to play on, roll over tarps during the summer.

  10. I would like a splash pad my granddaughter loves them

  11. Like to see it modeled after Benny Russell Park. We need to add more trees for shade.

  12. As previously stated…….. shade. More shade. And maybe more sensory friendly play area. I have 4 children. One of which is in a wheelchair. So, more handicap friendly.

  13. Some equipment for everyone(especially those with disabilities) would be nice. Also, trees would need to be planted for shade, however it takes time to grow. In the meantime there could be sun/sail shades. A splash pad would be nice, but I agree better restrooms would be a must.

  14. Play ground equipment gets too hot to play on in the hot months. Need more shade and better bathrooms they are always nasty

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