Poetry Class December helpings

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I believe in God

because He gets me

through a lot. Everyday

I look up to Him and say

let those obstacles go away.

Mykah McQueen


Friends and Family

I believe in family

and friends. They are always

there for me, when

I am down. They help

me to my feet

and cheer me, when

I am sad.

Jeremiah McPherson 


God Walks With Us

I strongly believe in God

who thankfully got me

through a stressful week.


He makes all

my pain go away

each and every day.

Samiya Neal






Nature Reigns Supreme


Spring breezes

tickle leaves,

caressing the skin.


Cardinals dash

blue jays alight

doves flutter.


Squirrels play chase

rabbits hip hop

green ivy trails


Two crooked cedars

take on a spiteful look

with limbs gnarled just so.


Beyond butterflies float.

Where do they come from or go?

They do so without our knowing.


Suddenly, the sun ruptures

through the clouds with such power,

it wakens me to reality’s grit.


From the humdrum of nature,

I notice that the forest’s beauty creates

my desires to perceive poetry.

Marc Livanos







I rise each morning in a room

ablaze from the summer sun

staring at my loved one’s face

fortunate to share a happy place.


Pastel skies peak through the blinds

gifting dawn’s splendor as I drift

towards my morning ablution

to happily greet the new day.

Marc Livanos



I am not thankful for people that push me.

They detect something that I don’t see.

I have so much anger, I can’t contain it,

as all they do is put me through pain.

Anger burns through me down to my core

because of these people I’m not thankful for.

Calise – student



I am not thankful for this girlfriend

named Kate. as she is mean to me.

So when she comes my way

I walk away.

Q.D. – student



No Name Calling

I’m not thankful for this thing I do

that hurts other lives.  My calling others

hurtful names is wrong.

One day, I hope those people

will forgive me this mistake.

J.P. – student


A Bad Teacher

I am not thankful for school

as it’s not very cool,

when some students are fools.

The teachers teach

but some instead preach

and are not good leaders.

Samiya Neal – student


Fake Friends

I am not thankful for how my friends behave.

They pick on people for the things they don’t have.

I’ve been told to be a leader and not follow

bad influences but now it’s making it hard to swallow.

C.T. – student




*Our Milton


Most of the building blocks

in the historic district

are from another time.


The walls are mortared together

and interiors pasted with photos

recalling days gone by.


The secret ingredient

to that treasured recipe

called Milton


is the people

who simply can’t stand

to be anywhere else


and our military friends

who come back

because they get it.


They too understand why

we can’t stand to be

away for very long.


It’s our churches

on every corner and

friendly god-fearing ways.


Marc Livanos

*Also appeared in QC Magazine


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  1. The poem “Acceptance” is different from most poems on being a bully and shows there is a down side for all.

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