Holiday poetry class

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Santa, Santa I wonder

what you think on Christmas day

when you bring my gifts.


I wonder, wonder what

you want a want –

gift or cookie.


Cookie, Cookie maybe

Ginger Bread house

or some other treat.


Santa, Santa thank you so much

for the stuff you bring

especially if it’s a bike.

Elijah McPherson





Christmas isn’t just about

getting gifts.  To me,

it about giving to people

that are needy like the homeless

or just sharing God’s love.


When I get up on Christmas morning,

ready to rip open those presents,

I can feel good because I showed

the love of Christmas with everybody and

that’s what Christmas means to me.

Alejandro Roper 





Christmas means a lot to me

because you get to see family

and friends. Lots of different trees

on my Christmas eve.


Christmas is a special day

to celebrate Jesus’ birth date

I love to say thank you God

for another day.

Mykah McQueen



My Dad is audacious

A man who works hard

strives for greatness

and never gives up

even though hard times.


He is a parent in my eyes

and I appreciate him

cause no matter the situation

I will call him Dad.

Elijah McPherson



If you could look

into my heart, how

quickly you would see

the special place you

hold there and

how much you

mean to me.

Hayley Shane

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  1. Elijah’s untitled poem on Christmas comes to life as he expresses the meaning of Christmas. I also live his poetic device of repeating words to give his poem a mellower rhythm.

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