Teens on drug abuse

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Drugs will change your life

in ways you can’t imagine –

whether good or bad.

Abusing drugs is bad

for your health but

some drugs can also

save your life. So

in my opinion,

people can relate

to some drugs

being good versus

abusing drugs.

Ebony Creekmur – student


Saying No to Drugs

I can’t talk you

out of the bad

choices you make

but everyone has a voice.

So you can speak and

tell me your reason

for such a choice.

Bryanna Perkins – student


Street Corner Savior

Fire rages through every nerve

white hot pangs sear my brain

cold sweat blinds my eyes


Hands shake as

I bellow in anger to stop

my insatiable hunger


But if The Dragon lives on

I will have lost and

no longer be me.


True friends remind me

who I was and

was meant to be.


Now that I am clean

I know it will take time

and a different Savior.

Marc Livanos


Abusing Drugs

Some drugs are good. Some

drugs are bad. A lot

of drugs are good until

you abuse them. All

drugs need be limited

to good uses only.

Mya Brown – student



Drugs, drug. Everywhere

you look, there they are.


Drugs are like bugs and

like bugs, they can be

good and can be bad.


Many think they started

in the hood but that

doesn’t mean that all

in the hood are bad.


Drugs are everywhere. You

can’t remove all of them. What

matters is how you face them.

Keonta Silva – student


My Parents

I’m lucky to have good

parents because they take

care of me. I’m glad we

have no addictions.

You’d be lucky if you

had parents like them too.

Mykah McQueen – student


No Escape

Drug abuse in this world

doesn’t do anything but

waste your time. time

you can’t get back.


Without drugs in this world

this world would be a better place

Devin Henning – student




Hold fast to your dreams

for if dreams die,

then life is fly.

Some dreams are scary

and some are funny

but if there are creatures

then your dreams are hairy.

Amiah Hamilton – student


Dreams are…

Being in the NBA

making Lebron fall in Game 7

or a buzzer beater for the Bulls.

Being a billionaire

richer that Trump

with my own island.

Being the one

that is the first

all African-American President.

Eric Griffins – student



I once dreamed about a witch

that made me wake-up faster

than I ever thought I could

but it was floating and

I screamed and ran

to the kitchen.

I never did figure out

what it was about and

don’t want to know.

Jeremiah McPherson – student



Always dreams

for if they die

then life

is meaningless.

Ayana Hudson – student




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  1. Ebony, your poem is amazing! I love the way your poem acknowledges that prescribed drugs help those that need them as compared to drug abuse that leads to no good.

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