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I Love You Brother

You’ve seen it all

every year from spring to fall.

You’ve been there

through dark & light

and with your love,

I hear your call.

Sam Davis – student


Being an Outsider

Bullies don’t make me feel

like a pin-cushion.

To feel like an outsider means

that you are not part of anything.

You need to learn how to interact

and remember that they are incredible.

Everyone is loved in the world

by the Man above. So, learn

to love yourself.

Ebony Creekmur – student


To My Brother

I love my brother but sometimes,

he can be annoying.

He can make me mad sometimes

but I love him always.

Dakaila Johnson – student


Alone in the World

Bullies make me fell small inside

but you shouldn’t let them

take away the best of what you love.

Bullies judge you just because

you are doing something that they can’t.

If bullied, you should say

I love the way I am

and walk away.

You need tell an adult or teacher

and not wait.  Once they apologize

accept it and try to become friends

as I don’t judge a book by its cover.

Sanayah Arnold – student



Energy Takers

You shouldn’t bully

no matter what.

You should be friends with others

no matter what.

Be there for others

have faith in God,

no matter what.

Laila Click – student




Bullying causes so much

stress and sadness in another’s life.

Bullies have problems and

don’t feel right about themselves.

Bullying make other’s sad and mad

and can lead to a death.

Make someone’s day

put a smile on their face.

Seliah Mitchell – student



Life isn’t Easy

Bullies use other people to

let out their anger.

They can’t cope on their own.

So, they put someone else

in that position to make them

feel bad, just so they don’t.

Jordan Gray – student


Bullies and Life

Bullies are not nice

and don’t need to be mean.

Not standing-up makes it normal.

Life is the most important thing.

I love myself

and will never bully.

I love my life.

Mynankia Frasier – student


Dear Mother

I love my mom

always, mad, sad.

Love is everything

at my home.

Ayanna Hudson – student

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