Teens regarding Hurricane Michael

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Mother Nature

Nature can be so destructive,

causing death, poverty & strife.

While nature can cause heartbreak,

it shows how much we can do.

I wish nature did not

put people through the things it does,

but it is all nature’s plan.

Angelique Taylor-student



Thunder storms roll-in,

water rises up,

cities crash down,

spirits fall low

but we come together

as towns fall apart.

Homes were uprooted

when they should have withstood

but when it comes to us,

we will survive,

we will thrive.

Christina Moreno-student


Innocence Destroyed

After seeing what Hurricane Michael

did to Panama City, I felt

so bad for them and

sorry for everyone

that lost everything.

So many children still

can’t even go to school.

Mynankia Frasier-student


Nature Can Be

Nature can be pretty,

and even breathtaking.

Although nature can be these things,

nature can be disastrous.

Nature can be lots of things.

It depends on how you respond to it.

Niue McAllister-student



the storm was scary

for those families.

I’m glad we did not have

to go through the things

they went through in

that storm and I pray

they are okay.

Janae Creekmur-student



Lives torn apart,

cities destroyed,

people killed.

Nature is deadly

and unstoppable.

We must be prepared

for the next hurricane.

Calvin Barnes-student


Pick and Choose

A smile can be life-saving.

A comment can be life-threatening.

It just depends on how you mean it.

It will always last.

We all have this power;

the power to change someone’s hour.

So pick and choose.

Niue McAllister-student


Good Vibes

The type of energy you give

effects several people.

The little things matter –

sitting with someone

talking to new people

offering help.

You have the power

to do good or bad.

Tara McAllister-student


Acts of Kindness or Anger

The true question is –

will you use your power.

You can use it for your own desire

or to help someone.

These are the bad and good powers

of the world today.

Jalani Johnson-student


Hurting or Helping

I get mad cause

it is not right for him

to be like that to you.

Make someone’s day.

It’s up to you.

Ayanna Hudson-student


Taking Power

Power is an underestimated thing.

Power can rule everything

and everybody.

Power can change moods.

It is all how you use it

Why give power to bad people?

Well, power is taken.

Alijah Dauphin-student

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