Teens on Christmas

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Teen Poems on Christmas


My First Christmas

The first Christmas I remember

was when I was five and my family

was unwrapping gifts.  I got

a teddy bear and my Mom, a teacup

I made some art and was so happy

to see her smile. She still has it.

Dakaila Johnson – student


Christmas is Special

Christmas is a very special holiday.

It’s not about getting

but about giving, spending time

with your family, laughing & smiling.

It’s also about celebrating

the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas is a very special holiday.

Laila Click – student


Remembering Christmas

I remember being in Tampa with my family

getting a few dolls, while my sister got a brush kit.

She was so excited and felt the need

to roll a hairbrush in my hair.

We both tried to get it out but nothing worked

and my Aunt tried conditioner.  So, I ended up

with a ball of air on the stairs. It really irritated me

that my real present was a ball of hair on the stairs

ripped from my head.

Tawa McAllister – student


Christmas is Giving

Christmas isn’t about presents,

cookies or cakes or what you get.

You have to give to the special people,

those who don’t have anything.

Christmas can be very special

but it’s not just getting what you want.

Seliah Mitchell – student


Christmas is Happiness

I like giving gifts

to get their reactions

and I like wishing Jesus

Happy Birthday.

Hagen Holder – student


Jesus’ Birthday

Christmas is special to me

because it’s Christ’s birthday.

I also live that my family gathers

around and spends time together.

Estefani Ramos – student


Hoop Ball

Basketball helps clear my mind

because I run & sweat

and don’t think about

the negative things in my life.

The game helps with focusing

on what’s important in life.

Jamal Collins – student


Baseball and Life

Baseball is my life.

I love baseball

and every part about it,

practice, teamwork

and meeting new people.

It helps me become a better person.

Dominic Peterson – student

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