Teens on Angst

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Innocent Days

We were so lucky to have lived

when women were feminine

and men a bit more bold.

Presley and Bo Diddle held sway,

not gangster-rap negativity.

Twist and boogie ruled,

not sexy, freaky twerking.

We danced with heavenly stars

no less than those that moon-walk today.


Poems on Teen Angst

Anger is Danger

Personally, I get mad easily.

It’s not something to brag about

cause having anger

can cause danger.

My advice is to say a prayer

and be a lover, not a fighter.

Niue McAllister – student


Never the Answer

I feel like someone who has been

stepped on but a wise man

told me that the best way to deal

with violence is to walk away.

Better for me to not to switch to anger

unless it’s like football, where

I can let my anger out.

Marquis Robinson – student


First Time

The first time I got angry was

when someone kept biting me

and I told them to stop but they

kept on going, so I got fed-up.

One way to get rid of my pain

is by taking it out or by talking it out.

Tiesha McAllister – student


No to Violence

I think that fighting is the way

to settle differences. People

who fight usually get back together

after talking it out. So, just skip

the fighting and talk it out

in the first place. I don’t wish I could

fight like those that do fight.

I’m a better talker that fighter.

Tobias Daniels – student



Words not Fists

Teens fight to stay right.

People fight so that they don’t

get beat up and protect themselves.

Fighting doesn’t always have

to be with fists. It can also

be with words.

Jamarion Hadnot – student


Not the Answer

I feel like fighting doesn’t solve

anything and that if you’re

fighting, it should be to

protect yourself or someone

you love.

Na’trell Kennedy -student


I Remember Blue

My good memories are about a bird

called Blue. I would cuddle with Blue,

till one day we put the cage near the window

covered with three blankets. It was cold

and Blue died.

Zaryanna Hudson – student


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